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advisor retired colonel

Csaba Kondákor is a proven military professional with a successful career in various military positions in Hungary, Poland and Belgium. 

After graduating from the well-known Polish Military Technical University he specialized in the IT business and he became the leading manager of IT matters of the Hungarian Army. He participated in several international military exercises and workshops. In the meantime he also continued his military studies in Poland, Canada and Italy. An important milestone for him was attending the Senior Course of the NATO Defence College in Rome. During these six months he gained confidence in dealing with international political and military relations.

He joined NATO Headquarters and worked in the Information Systems Services of the International Staff as Data Manager for NATO HQ. He participated in several IT and IT Security related projects.

After returning from the foreign post he was dealing with the management and support of the Hungarian military missions in the Balkans, Cyprus and Iraq. He finished his military career as Head of Electronics Branch of the Hungarian Home Defense Forces. He was responsible for the procurement and overall logistics support of all electronic equipment of the Hungarian Armed Forces.

After his retirement he worked for a military communications company dealing with specialised products.

Csaba has gained confidence in working in the military world and also in the civilian market which can help him in promoting foreign companies to grow their business.

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