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business development director

Andrew Shaw is a proven professional with a successful career in world leading companies. 

An innovative marketeer, he started his career in retail supermarkets and became the youngest supermarket manager in the UK. He joined Proctor and Gamble to gain sales and marketing knowledge and skill in launching new products and became UK salesman of the year, two years running. 

After success marketing chemicals and establishing and managing national sales forces, Andrew was headhunted by JCB Excavators in 1978 and was instrumental in building the JCB global marketing success story. His roles included new product introduction, direction of a global sales force and marketing strategy. He was responsible for developing initiatives that increased JCB’s parts and attachments market share from 33% to 61% increasing the business 3-fold. 

Further success followed when Andrew moved to head Global Integrated Logistics Support at JCB, managing procurement, warehousing and distribution. This gave him the opportunity to work at the highest level within the Ministry of Defence of UK, USA and NATO forces, managing projects and bringing 7 products into ‘operational service’. Over an 8 year period Andrew helped improve JCB’s service rating with the MoD to top 10 supplier status and developed relationships with major accounts. 

Andrew has operated in most international markets and has a reputation as an honest, innovative professional with the ability to combine the knowledge and skills gained in challenging environments to provide successful business solutions.

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